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To whom adresses the iZyFrais service ?

Our service is offered to different people:

  • - To nomadic people in a personal capacity to facilitate their daily, on their behalf. (They buy credits via their account by credit card)
  • - For companies with people away on business, whatever the frequency, with team management for managers

What is the difference between iZyFrais and the expense management softwares ?

We don't offer an entry software, but the possibility to totally outsource the expense management solution, from collection to the digital archiving, through dematerialization and accounting appropriation. When a receipt comes to us, we do the work : we take charge for decoding and the tickets' check. All you have to do is the final control.

What is the rate difference compared to the market offer ?

Our service is charged to the receipts' volume which passes through our solution, whatever the company's number of users. In this way, anyone frequently moving, or very little, in the month, can be managed by our software without extra cost. This is all the more interesting for all holiday periods, in particular the summer.
We defined to work with credit packs for tariff flexibilities related to volume.

Is there a souscription ?

Yes, there is an annual subscription only for companies, however it will not be activated until the second year.

Can I stop the service when I want?

Yes, iZyFrais is an unconstrained commitment, you are free to continue or not. Your account is removed to your request, only credits already purchased and subscriptions are non-refundable.

how can I manage the tickets' flow ?

You can send according to different possible solutions which can be combined:
- By iZyFrais pre-stamped envelope.
- By Smartphone with the mobile application iZyScan.
- By scanning your tickets via the nomadic's private space.

I have salespersons all over France who send their tickets by post, how to proceed ?

We provide to each nomadic's adress, pre-stamped envelopes with our processing center's adress. The nomadic gradually stores his receipts. At the period's end, he simply mails the envelope. He restocks of iZyFrais envelopes on his private space. We track all the envelopes' orders and receptions. We can send replenishment's alerts.
The nomadic doesn't need to buy his stamps and write the address on the envelope anymore.
We consequently organize, the receipts' flow.

What is the procedure to report kilometers?

Until the next Smartphone application kilometer route by geolocation, we provide in each envelope a pre-filled tracking sheet, it remains to complete the traveled kilometers. You can also print it from your private space.

How can I deal with what's going on?

The solution is available via a web browser on a computer or Smartphone, everything is viewed in real time, there are three levels of permissions:

The administrator : he as a global vision of the company and controls it as a whole.

The manager : he has a vision of his team. He can correct and validate costs of the concerned month.

The user : he has a vision of his own expense and can correct his receipts and deal with the progress statutes.

Where is my data stored?

Hosting is included in our solution, it is contracted with a professional hosting, who has full secure and redundant infrastructure in specialized and secure buildings. The data is stored and replicated in real time. They are declared to CNIL No. 1374165 and stay your property.