iZySolutions innovative company

Development of IT solutions and services

  • iZySolutions

    Solutions adapted to your needs.

    Firmly anchored in the culture of your life's facilitator, iZySolutions helps you in the management of non-added value tasks, through its different services.

  • Stéphane Trolet


    We originally chose to place our customers's project success at the center of our priorities.

    We have the daily challenge to insure quality, meet deadlines and maintain responsiveness.

    My role is, among others, to take care over time of that balance, which is essential for me.

  • Julien Drouin

    R&D Manager | Co founder

    We decided to work with the latest technology which enables us to have this reactivity, be able to personalize in accordance with customer's needs and minimize the IT impact internally of our customers.

    My role is, among others, to insure technological evolution while ensuring for our customers their continued solution.